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About us

Nothing beats like having a tasty, healthy & time convenient meal at any time of the day however with today’s hectic schedules – from working late to balancing social life & everything in between – enjoying a real, made-from scratch nutritious meal together isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Since 2017, Meal2U has been delivering freshly cooked healthy meals to wherever you are. It started with a simple concept of freshly made healthy meals can be eaten anywhere, at any time. Meal2u has also known for providing types of meals you love, while keeping them portion-controlled, fresh and balanced with the help of certified nutritionist. Everything is made with fresh ingredients & well balanced to consist of protein, carb & fat to perfectly meet your daily energy. Whether you want perfectly portioned, freshly-made delicious home cooked meals for yourself or for a group of people to enjoy homestyle dishes without having to spend hours in the kitchen!


We envision that everyone has access to good quality, nutritious food, delicious food at any time & anywhere.


We aspire to build the next generation of healthy, delicious & convenient eating as the future of food.


About Us Hygiene


We keep hygiene a priority during food processing & cooking

About Us Hygiene


We use "Gasless" technique on our food to preserve nutrients

About Us Hygiene


Our Nutritionist keeps track of the calories and nutrients intake

About Us Hygiene


Cutlery only given upon request.

About Us Hygiene


We maintain the general cleanliness of the kitchen & ensure our products are fresh & clean

About Us Hygiene


All of our meals are prepared fresh using locally sourced ingredients by our in-house chef

Our Mission:

Everyone can eat healthy!

About Us Hygiene